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Veg Hakka noodles Popular

Category: Indian Vegetarian
Submitted by: Suvita
Rating: Rating 4.3 (4.3) by 385 users

Vegetable Biryani Popular

Category: Biryani Varieties
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 3.4 (3.4) by 26 users

Vegetable Roti Popular

Category: Naans and Rotis
Submitted by: Kiran
Rating: Rating 2.4 (2.4) by 5 users

Vegetable Kebabs Popular

Category: Appetizers
Submitted by: sushma
Rating: Rating 4.1 (4.1) by 11 users

Vegetable Jalfrezi II Popular

Category: Indian Vegetarian
Submitted by: Sneha Ragavan
Rating: Rating 2.8 (2.8) by 12 users

Vermicelli Curd Bath Popular

Category: Breakfast specials
Submitted by: Akhila
Rating: Rating 4.1 (4.1) by 13 users

Vegetable Jalfrezi Popular

Category: North Indian Vegetarian
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 2.3 (2.3) by 12 users

Vegetable Vada Popular

Category: Appetizers
Submitted by: Tajrecipe
Rating: Rating 3.6 (3.6) by 9 users

Vegetable Natto Chow Popular

Category: Appetizers
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 3.7 (3.7) by 9 users

Vegetable Coconut Sambar Popular

Category: Rasam-Sambar
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 3.9 (3.9) by 10 users

Vegetable Kichidi Popular

Category: Rice Specialities
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 3.4 (3.4) by 16 users

Vegetarian Kurma Popular

Category: South Indian Vegetarian
Submitted by: TajRecipe
Rating: Rating 3.8 (3.8) by 27 users

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