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Rasgulla Popular

Category : Sweets

Author : Kavitha

Date : 11/20/2007

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500ml Whole Milk
2tsp vinegar or lemon juice
1cup sugar
3cups water

For Geera

1cup sugar
2cups water
Place the milk in a pan and let it boil. when it has come to a boil add vinegar/lemon juice, stir it well and turn off the stove.

Stir slowly and gently until the milk starts to curdle and form like paneer on the surface and separates from whey.

Drain out the paneer using a cloth and wash the paneer with cold water nicely so that the smell of vinegar goes away and drain out all the water from the paneer.

Knead the paneer into a dough and roll it into small balls.

Pour water and sugar into a preasure pan and when the water comes to a boil drop the paneer balls into the sugar syrup one by one.

Close the cooker and cook the paneer balls an high flame until one whistle. then reduce the flame to low and cook for 10 min. Now turn the flame to high again and cook until one whistle and turn off the stove.

Let the paneer balls stay in the cooker untill it cools down.

Make a new sugar syrup for the geera using 1:2 ratio of water and sugar.

Remove the cooked paneer balls from the cooker and drop it into the geera.

Rasgulla are ready and can be stored in the fridge.

This sweet is also called as Rasagulas , Rosgulla, Rosgolla

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Author: maushmi
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Date:  12/6/2007
please mail us more vegetarian recepies
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