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Golden Fry Baby Corn Popular

Category : Snacks

Author : saritha

Date : 10/21/2009

Rating: Rating 3.4 ( 3.4 ) by 32 users

Baby Corn 10
Corn flour 3ts
Onions 1
Green Chilies 5
ginger Garlic paste -1/2 ts
pepper (optional)
Coriander & Curry leaves 1 - bunch
Salt - 1ts
Crispy plane Corn flex-1cup
oil to deep fry .
Cut Baby corn to thin slices longitudinally. Keep it aside.
Now prepare the batter to coat Baby corn pieces.
Take one bowl Mix onions and green chilly (it should be very fine small pieces) , garlic ginger paste,salt ,Corn flour add little water to make it mirchi bajji consistence. Now batter is ready .

Now dip the baby corn piece in to the prepared batter, then roll the dipped(coated) baby corn piece into the corn flex cup. So that corn flex is nicely attached to baby corn.

Continue the process to all remaining baby corn pieces. Now deep fry the baby corn pieces in oil .

once baby corn pieces turned to golden brown color take it out from oil,

Garnish with fried crispy curry leaves.
Now Baby corn & corn flex fry is ready to serve with tomato sauce

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