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Semiya pongal Popular

Category : Desserts

Author : TajRecipe

Date : 2/13/2007

Rating: Rating 3.7 ( 3.7 ) by 9 users

2 cups Vermicelli
1 cup Green gram dal
3 cups Sugar (reduce if you like less sweet)
1/2 cup Ghee
4 cardamons
Few Cashews and raisins
1. Fry cashewnuts and raisins in little ghee and keep it aside. In same pan fry semiya and put aside.

2. Fry greengram dal in little ghee add sufficient water, cook and keep it aside.

3. Boil 4 cups of water, add semiya amd cook.

4. Add sugar, cooked greengram dal, remaining ghee and cook 5 min on medium heat.

5. Remove from stove and add fried cashews & raisins and crushed cardamons.

Serve warm.

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